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Victor Sydorenko


Victor Sydorenko, Ukraine

Nominated by:

National Academy of Arts of Ukraine / Development Centre “Democracy through Culture”

Type of Work: Photo series
About the Artist:

Victor Sydorenko is a painter, curator, lecturer, an author of objects and photocompositions and also researcher. Since 1997 he is the member and the vice-president of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. In 2001, V. Sydorenko founded and headed Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.

About the Work:

We present two images created by Victor Sydorenko, “Invasion” (Chornobyl afremath), 1996 and “Blow back” (Pandemia 2020), 2020, as a composition reflecting bigger picture on climate changes provoked and felt by men (mankind).

Jury Reflection:

We were delighted to see an artist dealing with the theme of pandemics. Interesting to choose painting to do so.


Theme: AIR