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Glantozs, Portugal

Nominated by:

Faro2027 – European Capital of Culture Candidate City

About the artist:

Born and raised in Faro, Glantozs came across his first analogue camera at age 8 and hasn’t stopped photographing since. He didn’t have a lot of available income and was only able to photograph once a month, having to wait another extra month for the developed photos. He’s passionate about storytelling through photography. He’s almost 16 now and feels lucky to be able to do what he loves, while earning some money on the side.

About the work:

In this series I tried to show the big difference between generations when it comes to pollution. I decided to photograph a father-son family photo as well as individual portraits to show the side by side comparison and the details in both subjects.

Jury Reflection:

Very poetic, strange looking portraits, atmospheric and with a humorous twist. Very lucid work for such a young artist.