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I beamed myself into the Sahara


Edgarundallan, Germany

Nominated by:

edgarundallan –  theater collective from Hildesheim, Germany

About tje Artist:

edgarundallan has been developing theater productions and performances since 2015. The theater collective was founded during the studies of cultural studies and aesthetic communication at the University of Hildesheim (Germany) and has been working as a freelance theater collective since then. Sensory access to specific topics determines their theatrical approach. They are looking for ways to make theater stronger perception-based, a social and atmospheric experience and explicitly include space as an aesthetic component in addition to means such as language, body and music. They combine this approach with socially relevant issues such as climate change, fears and care. The current productions are all concerned with sustainability strategies, this also applies to the way they work.

Type of Work: Short video sequence
About the Work:

With this theater performance, we want to draw attention to climate change. But not with numbers and data and with german guilt, but with one’s own perception of natural elements. The audience is right in the middle of it, moving on stage and experiencing climate change by touch and feel.

Jury Reflection:

This is a fresh approach to the media and points to the incapacity of theory, data and research warnings by eco-activists to communicate urgent messages to a general public. The question remains whether sensorial experience can be placed above the rational/cognitive one? But nevertheless we liked this work.