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Extreme weather conditions in Piran

Statement of dr. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj on weather conditions in Piran:

“What is happening is really incredible at first glance, but unfortunately very logical from our climate point of view.

Climate change increases the likelihood of extreme weather events, especially precipitation. Warm air absorbs more water vapor and warm sea allows for more evaporation. To this we can add the effect of a varied relief in the hinterland of our coast, which accelerates the rise of air and precipitation. As a result, heavy rains are becoming more abundant, winds associated with storms are stronger and hail occurs more likely in late autumn.”

Prof. dr. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj is a Nobel Prize co-winner, climatologist, researcher, full professor at the Biotechnical Faculty and head of the Department of Agrometeorology, member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Geneva and Sector consultant at PI2025.